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Representing and Celebrating the Adult Day Industry: Kara Harvey Wins 2024 Memory Care Innovation Award

Apr 26,2024

Innovation is a vital ingredient for progress, especially in fields dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with memory care needs and their families. In this industry, where compassion and creativity intersect, there are few recognitions as important as the Memory Care Business’ Memory Care Innovation Awards. We are thrilled to announce that Kara Harvey, Co-founder & CEO of Elder-Well® Adult Day Program, has been selected as one of the inaugural members of the 2024 Memory Care Innovation Awards.

What makes Kara’s achievement even more remarkable is that she stands as the sole representative from the Adult Day industry among the recipients in the Home Health & Home Care category. This distinction not only highlights Kara’s ingenuity but also shines a spotlight on the beneficial contributions and lacking representation of the adult day sector among the broader landscape of memory care. Adult day is an invaluable and innovative ownership model for providing day services to those with memory support needs.

Kara exemplifies the spirit of innovation and has flipped the script on what it means to provide top-notch care. Her groundbreaking initiatives have not only transformed the lives of those under her care but have also set a new standard for excellence in adult day programs nationwide. She has made it her mission to support seniors and their families across the country with the Elder-Well® Adult Day Franchise.

Congratulations, Kara, on this incredible achievement! Your relentless dedication, compassion, originality, and pursuit of excellence that has fueled your career for the last 30+ years has been nothing short of inspiring. You are a reminder of the boundless potential that happens when leading with your heart.

Here’s to Kara and all the 2024 Memory Care Innovation Award winners! They will be honored in-person at the Senior Housing News BRAIN Memory Care Conference on May 16th in Chicago where hundreds of other passionate advocates will gather to celebrate, learn, and connect.

By recognizing these inspiring professionals, we honor not only their accomplishments but also the collective efforts of all those dedicated to advancing memory care. With a dash of creativity ✨ and a whole lot of heart 💜 we can make a BIG impact! 🎉


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