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Employee Benefits for Family Caregivers of the Elderly

Mar 09,2021

We are all familiar with employee benefits that assist families of young children with day care and flexible work schedules to allow parents to effectively balance their work and childrearing responsibilities.  But what about those employees that are caring for an aging family member?

Studies suggest that nearly 50% of the workforce is responsible for an aging loved one.  Often these family caregivers are unsupported both by their employers and their community at large.  Not only does eldercare take a financial toll on these employees, but the negative health effects caused from the stress and guilt from “going it alone” is a heavy one.

AARP highlights this subject with key facts and findings.  Here are a few from their publication: “Understanding the Impact of Family Caregiving on Work”.

  • Eldercare Responsibilities Can Interfere with Paid Employment.
  • Family Caregivers Face Financial Hardships if They Must Leave the Workforce Due to Eldercare Demands.
  • The Costs of Caregiving Affect Both Individual Workers and Employers.
  • Eldercare Benefits Can Help Working Caregivers Better Manage Their Caregiving Responsibilities and Their Jobs.
  • Workplace Policies that Support and Accommodate Working Caregivers Show Business Benefits.
  • The number of workers with eldercare responsibilities is on the rise. This trend highlights the need to better understand the impact of family caregiving on work, and how working caregivers can better manage their work and caregiving responsibilities.

Read AARP’s full publication at:

Understanding the Impact of Family Caregiving on Work (

As society looks forward to a return to work in person, employers need to be inclusive in their support of all family caregivers.  Adding benefits and resources for elderly caregivers, such as Adult Day Care benefits is a key factor in that support.

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