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Throughout the day at Elder-Well®, we engage in many beneficial activities, such as:

  • Art, Music, Pet and Nature therapy
  • Games, crafts, woodworking and gardening
  • Cooking and homemaking
  • Interactive word games
  • Recall, reminiscence and discussion activities
  • Group topics and Educational presentations
  • Sensory activities
  • Themed celebrations

Studies have shown that participating in regular cognitive engagement activities positively benefit cognitive functioning by helping improve mood, confidence and concentration.*

There is evidence that cognitive and functional decline in people with dementia may be delayed by continued participation in mentally stimulating activities.*

People with dementia should be encouraged, as much as possible, to maintain their usual hobbies and activities.  While adjustments may be needed as dementia progresses, keeping socially involved and mentally active may be important for the person’s cognition, daily functioning and mental well being.

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