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Having An Alternative Long-Term Care Option

May 01,2020

Having An Alternative Long-Term Care Option

Overwhelming Decisions

As caregivers and decision makers for aging loved ones, choosing long-term care for them can be overwhelming, frustrating and many times accompanied with feelings of guilt. This is especially true when considering placing their loved one into a long-term care residence.

The Covid-19 pandemic has uncovered structural weaknesses in long-term care facilities that make our elders at a higher risk of contracting The Coronavirus, making a future decision of placement even more difficult for families.

The Risk to our Elders

Many of the residents living at these facilities have been greatly affected by the current deadly pandemic and other illnesses, such as the flu and pneumococcal infections. Older people are more likely to have chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which can make them more vulnerable during outbreaks as well.

In my opinion, the most consequential deficiency of the long-term-care system is that our society’s most vulnerable people are being cared for by workers who are themselves vulnerable.

While most caregivers employed by facilities are competent and compassionate, many are working multiple jobs in different care settings and may be more likely to be exposed to communicable diseases and unknowingly exposing all they care for and work with.

Would you delay placing your loved one in a long term assisted living facility if you had a safe and cost-effective alternative?

The option of Adult Day Care for many be the answer to bridging a gap in eldercare that families are experiencing.

Adult Day Care is becoming a popular choice for families in need of day support for their loved one and offers a cost-effective option. Allowing primary caregivers the time they need to continue their careers, attend to personal needs and receive respite from the demands of full-time caregiving.

At our Elder-Well® Adult Day programs we offer compassionate supervised care, enriching and therapeutic activities, nutritious meals and snacks in a safe a supportive environment.

Our professional staff is employed full-time at our program and are compassionate about delivering a day of purpose, acceptance and friendship.

If you or someone you know is in need of information on senior care options, please contact me directly at

Please stay safe and well during this uncertain time.

Best Regards,

 Kara Harvey-CEO

Elder-Well® Adult Day Program

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