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Horticultural Therapy is Unique and Effective

Apr 15,2023

Horticultural therapy is a unique and effective approach to caring for individuals with dementia. 🌼

By engaging in nature-based activities such as gardening and plant care, individuals with cognitive impairments can experience a range of therapeutic benefits.

At Elder-Well® Adult Day Program, horticultural therapy is woven into care plans as a holistic form of treatment. Not only does it provide a sense of purpose and accomplishment, but it can also reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood, and stimulate cognitive function.

The gentle pace and calming nature of this therapy make it an ideal activity for individuals with dementia. With horticulture therapy, individuals can find joy in the simplicity of nature, forging meaningful connections and creating a sense of belonging. It is truly a beautiful and powerful form of care.

Want to learn more about horticultural therapy? Visit the website of the American Horticultural Therapy Association.

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