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Lifestyle Wellness and Brain Health

Jun 15,2020

Each year June is recognized as Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness month in hopes that we will all take time to think about and make lifestyle changes that benefit our mind and body wellness.  Elder-Well® programs focus on the pillars that positively benefit brain and body health for aging adults.

Social Activities:  Elder-Well® adult day programs are classified as a social model adult day care.  Our daily activities and programing are designed to meet the social needs of elders and alleviate feelings and negative effects of social isolation.  Staying engaged with the community and spending time with others while participating in an enjoyable day is the best defense against depression, isolation and memory loss.

Mental and Physical Exercise:  Keeping the mind and body active and engaged in activities that strengthen them are important at any age.  Elder-Well® has developed a day program that enables our guests to participate in enjoyable cognitive and physical activities throughout the day that have been shown to improve and promote health and wellness.

Good Nutrition and Hydration:  It is as easy as that!  Focusing on what and when you eat and making sure that you get appropriate amounts of fluid each day improves the way you feel and think!  Our Elder-Well® program staff provide nutritious meals and snacks and monitor hydration of each of our guests.

Medical Health:  Being aware of and controlling medical conditions and risk factors is extremely important in overall wellness.  Medical conditions need to be taken seriously and monitored by you, your medical team, family, and caregivers.  Elder-Well® program staff are trained to monitor our guest’s wellness and report any marked changes and concerns.

Do your best to develop a lifestyle that promotes your overall wellness, it will benefit you for years to come.  If you have a loved one that would benefit from joining an Elder-Well® adult day program, please contact us to learn more about how we can help them be Well!

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